Property Insurance

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Home Insurance

Your home is probably the most expensive asset you own. You've worked hard for it, and want to protect it in case the worst happens. But the last thing you want is to work even harder so you can afford to insure it.

Condo Insurance

Your condo is one of the most important investments you'll ever make. To help protect it, you need the right kind of condominium unitowners insurance.

Cottage Insurance

Like your home, your cottage is one of your most valuable assets. How much time do you spend there? Do you use it year-round? Do you rent it out at some point during the year? The answers to these questions are important when you are considering what type of insurance coverage to buy for your cottage.

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  • Claims-free or mortgage-free
  • Renewal discounts
  • Monitored fire alarms
  • More than one property insured
  • Installed security system
  • Bundled home and car insurance, and more…